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Welcome to our farm in Sonoma wine country California! We raise a beautiful herd of Alpacas & Southdown Babydollsheep & Harlequin (spotted) sheep. Were happy to share these beautiful and tranquil farm animals with you. Book Alpaca Farm Tour
•They are amazing livestock guardians, companion pets
•Organic lawnmowers, weeders & fertilizers
•Gentle on your land and love to graze
•Easy to maintain herd animals
•Wonderful companions to horses, goats, sheep
•Keep your a close guard on your flock from predators
•Hypoallergenic, economical to maintain need to be shorn only one time per year
•Fiber is quite desirable to keep for personal use or sell
•They make wonderful therapy farm animals as their tranquil demeanor works wonders in adding tranquility wherever they go
•Easier to handle as they are smaller framed
Feel free to reach out to us with any questions !
Delivery Service Available ! Book Alpaca Farm Tour